IHI Infrastructure System Co., Ltd

I'm representing and assisting IHI Infrastructure System Co., Ltd. in Norway for their pursuit of Norwegian bridge projects. First the Rv 555 Sotrasambandet PPP project.

IHI is a large Japanese corporation. As an example my Subaru car is equipped with an IHI turbocharger. When you fly with a modern plane with an GE turbofan engine, IHI is involved in the design and fabrication of the engine.

IHI Infrastructure System Co., Ltd.
IHI Corporation

Norske Tau- og Kabelbaners Forening

På genralforsamlinga i Norske Tau og Kabelbaners Forening i 2018 blei eg vald til styreleier for 2 år.
Viktige saker vert å arbeida mot Taubanetilsynet vedk. opplæring av driftsleiarar og sertifisering av desse. Møtet var i Loen og me fekk ei grundig og flott omvising av på nye Loen Skylist som er medlem i foreininga.

Sotrasambandet & Ferry Free E39

Since the Ferry Free E 39 project was introduced in 2012 I've followed closely this project and
Rv 555 Sotrasambandet. I've been monitoring the Norwegian market, arranged and participated in numerous meetings with the clients, possible JV contractors and engineering companies. I've attended almost all bridge conferences. Below are the coming project in estimated order of time.

Employed by American Bridge.

Tramway Operations Manager Training

Since 1995 I've been educating Aerial Tramways operators and managers in safety, technology and operation. I was the editor and wrote most of the textbook in 1993. In 2007 the textbook was revised based on the new curriculum Aerial Tramway Safety Authority. Since than the textbook has been digitalized on the e-learning platform It's Learning. The new Aerial Tramway law has now come into force based on the European Directive. I'll take part in the revision of the curriculum.
It's now compulsory for the Operations Manages to take an exam and I'm teaching at the training courses at Nye Voss vidaregåande skule.

The New York Wheel

I traveled in September 17 with the American Bridge team around in Europe to check the progress of the fabricators and suppliers for the  New York Wheel. The job was was for the owners of the wheel that had terminated the contract with Starneth/Mammoet JV. American Bridge is now negotiating with the New York Wheel to take over the erection of the wheel.
My task in the project will be the drive system and control system.

The wheel will be the second largest in the world next to the Dubai Wheel. It will carry 3,5 mill passengers per year.

For more info see: 

Employed by American Bridge.

Inspection Traveler Angus MacDonald

American Bridge had the contract for replacement of the deck and dehumidification of the main cables.
For the project i checked and evaluated the safety of the existing underhung travelers.
Important was the traction for transfer of moving force and braking.

Employed by American Bridge.

Vegas High Roller

Study and estimate of electrical control and drive system as an alternate to the hydraulic system proposed by the client. Advising on erection of the spoke cable system. Participating in the fatigue tests of the locked coil rope spokes at at the technical university in Bochum, Germany. Inspecting the spherical roller bearings manufactured by SKF in Gøteborg, Sweden. This wars the largest bearing they had manufacturet with a weight of approx 10 metric tons.

Visit the High Roller web site.

Employed by American Bridge.